Trenches Of The Great War

Return to a time, not so long ago, when a continent was plunged into war with the confidence of superpowers; and their soldiers marched to battle with minds full of honor and duty. Pyrrhic Games is proud to present Trenches of the Great War, our first project that brings you the terror and tension of conflict in the “War to End All Wars.”
Trenches is a table-top war game, where players engage in two-to-four-player combat entrenched positions, seek to seize objectives in No-Man’s-Land, and charge the enemy’s line.
Set during the early war along the Western Front in occupied France and Belgium, players will find themselves taking on the responsibilities of a commander from one of the four main nations caught up in the meat grinder of war. If the player takes command of the Triple Entente, they will choose from troops of Great Britain and France, while the master of the Central Powers will field units from the German and Austro-Hungarian Empires. Each commander will choose their forces best suited for their mission objectives.
Players will select from a historically accurate reserve of riflemen, grenadiers, snipers, machine gunners, support personnel, equipment, and artillery.
Armies will have access to specialized national units, including British Colonial Gurkhas, French Foreign Legions, German Stormtroopers, and Austro-Hungarian Dragoons. It will be up to each player to decide how they will cross No-Man’s-Land, as well as to choose soldiers, and embrace the era’s penchant for fixing bayonets and charging across the open field, drowning the enemy in clouds of poison gas, or forging their own unique path to victory.
Trenches of the Great War will ship as a miniatures board-game, complete with units and factions for up to four-players.
Set-up is easy: no painting or gluing necessary; only mounting models into simple snap bases! The game includes straightforward instructions that explain the functions of each unit, outlines the rules, and a walk-through of setting up your first game! You and your friends will be plunged into trench warfare faster than your sergeant can shout: “Over the top!”.

Trenches of the Great War is in Beta testing.
Public Release is expected during first quarter 2014

Pyrrhic Games

We have been playing games of all sorts for years.  Cards, boxed games, miniatures and video games, the number of hours that we have spent on gaming is downright depressing.  We decided we might as well turn it into work.  Now we aren't killing time, we're being productive.


  • A complete miniatures board-game set on the Western Front. Setup takes only minutes.
  • Two-to-four players will battle over the hellish No Man’s Land, fielding armies of the Triple Entente and Central Powers.
  • Choose your arsenal from a selection of historic troops, fixed machine guns, artillery firing gas barrages, and more.
  • Forge your way to victory as the commander of troops from Great Britain, France, Germany, or Austro-Hungary. 
  • Take and hold objectives in No Man’s Land or try to turn the course of the war by conquering the enemy’s trench.
  • You’ll need all your wits to win in Trenches of the Great War. Weather your enemy’s machine gun fire, hidden snipers, and barrages of gas.
  • March your way into history. Your soldiers will depend on you to drive through the meat grinder of the Western Front and ensure victory.
  • If you fail and your soldiers lie mangled in their trenches, you’ll still have a place as one among countless millions of names on yet another war memorial.